103/5 High Street, Blakeney

One of the quainter (probably less so if you live in one) oddities of old cottages in Blakeney and elsewhere is the ‘flying freehold’ where part of your home lies under – or over – part of your neighbour’s. The Society had this in a small way at 87 High Street before it was refurbished, and in a much bigger way at 103 High Street. Now we have successfully negotiated a deal with the owner of 107 High Street to tidy up the party wall between the two properties. This entails selling the part of 103/5 that ‘undersailed’ the bed room at 107, the money raised to be used to pay for the much-needed refurbishment of our cottage.

As part of these works the redundant shop front will be replaced by a couple of suitable sash windows, to match those already in the frontage, which will allow us to increase the useable living space at 103/5. As the present shop front is not the original, the conservation people at NNDC have agreed to the change


103 High Street c1910

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